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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully we've answered most of your questions here, but, if not, just get in touch!

Do you have different line-up options?
Yes, our full line up is 6-piece, but we can perform with as few as three of us when space or budget is limited. Alice on lead vocals is always part of the package!

What if my timings change after I've booked you?
We always try our best to be flexible to help ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible. If timings change slightly in the run up to the event just let us know.

Can you provide an iPod/DJ service before, between and after your sets?
If required, we can play a selection of suitable music before/in-between/after our sets. Alternatively, if you have a laptop/Ipod/tablet etc.with songs you would like played we can use this, just let us know when you place your booking. There is obviously an extra charge for this if it means we have to be present at the venue for a longer period of time.

How much time do you need to set up?
Usually we require around an hour to set up all of our equipment and perform a sound check to make sure everything is working as expected. This is based on good, straightforward access to the performance area. We then require around 15-20 minutes to get changed and ready for the performance.

Can you roam around while you perform?
We can perform a few numbers acoustically (with just acoustic guitars and no microphones) if required. However, for you and your guests to get the full benefit of our performance, we need to use a stage area with our full PA system and other equipment. 

Can I pick the songs you play?
We're confident that the set lists we have evolved over years of performing will please just about everyone.
If there are numbers in our Play List you'd definitely like us to perform (and any you'd rather we didn't!) just let us know - we want you to enjoy your event as much as possible!

Can you learn song requests before the event?
We'd be delighted to discuss adding a few numbers of your choice.

Is all of the equipment (e.g. PA & lighting) included in your quote?
Yes, all we need from you is a suitable mains electricity supply and a performance area at least 5 metres by 2 metres - and ideally bigger than that!

Do you need a parking space?

Yes we do, at least 4 spaces for the 6-piece Alice and the Mad Hatters band. Ideally these will be near the stage door of the venue as well, as we have a LOT of heavy equipment to carry from our vehicles into the venue.

Do you need a Dressing Room?

Getting changed in the bogs is never fun, so if we can have the use of a dressing room that would be fab!

Is your equipment PAT Tested?
All of our electrical equipment is regularly PAT tested and inspected to ensure it is safe to use. We have also carried out formal Risk Assessments for every type of gig.

Do You have Public Liability Insurance?
Yes we do, we're covered for any Public Liability Incidents to the value of millions of pounds!


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