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ALICE - lead vocals

Alice has been performing as a vocalist for over 20 years. She first found her feet when she slipped comfortably into her musical theatre shoes showing great tonality, technique and rhythm, delivering controlled and professional performances from a young age.

Alice went on to study a degree in popular music, and during her final year she discovered her love for jazz. Influenced by the song stylings of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, she focused on defining the different techniques and control needed, in order to adapt her tone, style and overall performance. She loves to strut her stuff no matter what the musical genre - showing flexibility to adapt to improvisation, giving something different in every performance. She means business!!

"I was born to The Singing Detective, so really there was no hope for me as soon as I arrived. This was swiftly followed by my first memorable experience of music, where I do and always will remember Freddie Mercury in a nighty, wearing a big moustache with his vacuum cleaner in hand. Never stopped performing since!!".

"Here's to Jazz, I am truly and utterly smitten".



Alice smiling

DAVE - keyboards and backing vocals

Dave has been performing in bands and as a solo artist since the 60's, starting out as an 11yr old vocalist in his school's rock band and playing clarinet in the school orchestra, before going on to play all over saaaaf London with “The Assassins” and a folk group called “Aluminium Bird Seed”. He also performed with an amateur dramatics group and a touring concert party, until moving to the Peterborough area in 1972.

For the last 40+ years he has been performing with a succession of duos, function bands and pub bands, as well as promoting and organising and hosting open mic nights, music festivals, concerts and nurturing young talent in the Cambridgeshire area.

A keen songwriter, Dave also plays several instruments, but he is on keys for Alice and the Mad Hatters.

Dave is also one half of The Boatmen, a duo with Steve (Alice's lead guitarist).  The Boatmen are nicknamed “International Rescue” by Peterborough local radio station PCRFM, as they regularly get called in at the last minute as standby act for the live Monday night broadcast, if the act that has been booked can't make it for any reason.

Dave performing on guitar

RAY - drums

From Peterborough, Ray has worked with many different bands & artists across different music genres. He plays a wide range of styles and is comfortable with jazz, big band, funk, blues, reggae, rock, Latin, and pop to name a few!


He is the driving force of the band and a true pro player. A constant steady influence and full of musical knowledge.

Ray with sunglasses

ROB - bass and backing vocals

Rob settled on a life of heavy thick strings early on.  When most people were struck by guitar gods, Rob was worshiping at the altar of all things low frequency.  During the next 30 years he dabbled with other musical instruments but the bass in all its forms won through; although when lugging an upright bass through an airport he wishes he had stuck with the mandolin!

Writer, teacher, lover of books, often found lurking stage left, you will hear Rob before you see him.

Whisky lover.

Rob looking smart

ROBIN - rhythm guitar and backing vocals

After being classically trained, Robin has been playing guitar and singing in bands for over 30 years. He has put together a number of bands with a variety of styles including Motown, Indie and big Function bands.


After meeting Alice in 2017, he has coaxed some great musical friends to put Alice at the front of a quality fun band with a big flamboyant performance.

Robin smiling for the camera

STEVE- lead guitar and backing vocals

Steve has been playing guitar since he was 8 years old and songwriting, singing and performing since not long after that.


He dabbles in other instruments and loves recording, but performing on guitar is his passion.

As well as playing lead guitar for Alice and the Mad Hatters, Steve is one half of The Boatmen (with Dave, above) and also half of Two Lucky Pluckers, a duo with over 40 years of history!

Steve playing guitar on stage
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